Sunday, March 21, 2010

ALL that glitters is NOT gold

One of my favorite shows is Real Housewives of Atlanta. Well if you know anything about me, one thing I always say is that I need to marry rich due to my shopping addiction. But after reading some recent articles about the ladies from the show I am shocked to find out that most of these "fabulous" women and their spouses are actually really broke, and that their homes are being foreclosed due to missed payments. Now as much as I would love to marry rich, I would prefer to have an honest and humble lifestyle where I am financially secure and by all means not living beyond my means. I mean don't get me wrong having 6 cars in the garage, the newest LV bag whenever I want it seems appealing and all, but I don't want to have my car repossessed because I was trying to present an image to the rest of the world. All in all I think that when people are honest with themselves their credibility and how the carry themselves speaks louder then any bag, shoe, or car.

I have definitely had an eye opening experience reading this article and I know truly understand that the good ol' saying "all that glitters is not gold".

The article:

Friday, March 19, 2010

I will NOT let this get the best of me

"I'm Rebecca Bloomwood and I'm a shopaholic! I destroyed my career on national television, I lied to the man I love and I hurt my best friend...I have a plan and I need your help! Who's with me?"

Last weekend I decided to have some me time, and decided I would watch a movie to take my mind off some stress. So while browsing on my Cogeco on Demand movie choices, I stumbled across Confessions of a Shopaholic (which is evidently what I decided to do my blog on). Watching the movie for the second time, I really got to analyze the movie and have decided this is NOT how I want to end up. In the movie viewers are introduced to an EXTREME case of shopping addiction in which the main character Rebecca Bloomwood is a self confessed shopping addict who find her self in a serious predicament after she loses her job, and is left with several credit card bills to pay. Throughout the movie Rebecca is haunted by a credit collector and is terrified for her life, all the while still making expensive purchases.

I have come to the realization that if I do not start changing my ways I will end up like Rebecca. Although the story does end off with her finally paying off her debt! Some maybe there is a hint of hope left for me!!

I NEED prayers!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Money comes and money goes, so you got to blow it like a runny noise

So I'm back from my mini vacation in Chicago and Atlanta, and boy do I have
to tell you: We are being robbed!

So here goes the story...

A friend and I decided to go shopping on Day 3 of our trip in Chicago, we
decided why not end off our trip with
a bang and go shopping! Being the
dedicated shopaholic that I am, I did not refuse this offer. So we
researched some
local malls and agreed that we would take a look
at Michigan Avenue, which is a long stretch of shopping
within the Downtown Core of Chicago.
Being that this location was fairly close to where we were staying
we decided to give it a go.After walking around a few stores and
a few accessory purchases later, we decided to walk into Macy's.
Upon walking in, we were offered free cosmetics in the makeup
department and then decided to make our way to the shoe department.
Now this is why were being robbed as Canadians!

So I walk up to the shoe rack confident that they most likely will not
have my size. I pick up a bunch of sample sizes and ask the associate
of they have any shoes in a 9 or 10. She comes back from the stock room
with a few pairs , so in my mind I'm like it doesn't hurt to try, I bet these
hoes are about $100 dollars a piece and Lord knows my sale shopping ways
will not budge for $100 pair of shoes. So I try them on and to my "surprise"
they fit perfectly!

So I figure why not give it a chance and ask how much these shoes cost since
I know I'm not gonna get them.

As I walk up to the register its like I have two spirits beside me one
being my inner "angel" and the other one my inner shopping "demon"
The good side was stating that I could most likely use the money for
something else while I'm here, and that the shoes would probably be
way out of my spending budget. While the other side kept cheering
me on! So the associate comes back to me and informs me that all
of the shoes I have are under $35, but I'm sure I heard something else
and has to ask her again! She explained that they were all on sale!

Now to you, you may not understand but to me that was the greatest
deal I had ever heard of especially, because all of the shoes I
tried on were designer heels from BCBG to Steve Madden.
You KNOW I had to take advantage!!!

It was this experience that I knew I was living in the wrong country.
In Canada, based on my shopping experiences, the majority of nice
designer shoes are bought in small shops in downtown Toronto for
about $50-$100 depending if your lucky. I in all of my years in
Canada have never found great deals as good as I did in Macy's
that day!

So it goes to show, never underestimate the power of trying
shoes never know what surprise is in store for you :)

I have enough money to last me the rest of my life,
unless I buy something!

- Jackie Mason

P.S. 4 days later I decided to check out the Macy's in Atlanta
and purchased 2 more pairs of Designer Shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!