Friday, March 19, 2010

I will NOT let this get the best of me

"I'm Rebecca Bloomwood and I'm a shopaholic! I destroyed my career on national television, I lied to the man I love and I hurt my best friend...I have a plan and I need your help! Who's with me?"

Last weekend I decided to have some me time, and decided I would watch a movie to take my mind off some stress. So while browsing on my Cogeco on Demand movie choices, I stumbled across Confessions of a Shopaholic (which is evidently what I decided to do my blog on). Watching the movie for the second time, I really got to analyze the movie and have decided this is NOT how I want to end up. In the movie viewers are introduced to an EXTREME case of shopping addiction in which the main character Rebecca Bloomwood is a self confessed shopping addict who find her self in a serious predicament after she loses her job, and is left with several credit card bills to pay. Throughout the movie Rebecca is haunted by a credit collector and is terrified for her life, all the while still making expensive purchases.

I have come to the realization that if I do not start changing my ways I will end up like Rebecca. Although the story does end off with her finally paying off her debt! Some maybe there is a hint of hope left for me!!

I NEED prayers!!


Suzanne said...

My prayers are with you Ruby. It is sad to think of how some addictions can get the better of you and destroy the things you love. May that never be the case with any of us.

Lindsay said...

Oh please never become like this character. I remember watching this movie and becoming so furious at her that I wanted to turn the movie off. I also don't think it is that realistic, and if you already see that she has issues than I am sure you will never be like her.

And for a tip: NEVER work in retail because you will never save any money!! trust me haha

Joanna said...

Ruby, I am happy to finally be leaving a comment. As a shopaholic myself only when I can find the great deals, I tend to splurge on things that I do not need. I have been good since I have not been working a lot since the program began, by cutting back on clothing and extra unecessary expenses. The key I find to not spending is turn your head either to the left or right or even up or down. As long as you keep focus to your goal which in this case is saving then you will be fine. So really in this csse your focus is elsewhere than the mall. Great post, Ruby!

Dawn said...

I'll pray for you Ruby, thanks for getting your comment section up and running! I can certainly relate to many of your shopping addictions but luckily I learned my lesson early. Going into debt for materialistic things is definitely not worth it. You seem to have a great fashion sense already, I highly doubt you need to drain your bank account for it. I know shopping can be addicting but if you try to focus your time and attention else where, you'll be surprised how great it feels when you actually decide to shop and treat yourself!